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DIY recordings will never die.
Long live DIY


released June 16, 2019

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by MUDD
Home Recorded between June 10th - June 15th 2019 in Rome.
All songs written and played by MUDD, except "Waiting Around To Die" written by the godfather of country music Townes Van Zandt, played by MUDD.


all rights reserved



MUDD Rome, Italy

Do what thou witl should be the whole of the law.
Love is the law.
Love under wilt.

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Track Name: We're all waiting
Say goodbye and then you stay
We're all crawling
Stranger you're inside of me
I'm not growing
Show how tough you are to the world
we're all waiting
strange or not it's how it goes
so what did you say?

Blood and shivers, anyway
That's not sufference
Thunder lights into the cave
We're all fearless
Sure to get what we deserve
We're all waiting
Sad or not this is the show
so what did you say?

Time we had has moved on and you're still out there
Share with hyenas every meal made of worms
Move your lips and we'll find out how fool you are
But calm, keep calm, because we are
as fool as you
Track Name: Bonnie the Blackwolf
You were born loud on a tuesday
a howlin wolfe you soon became
drinkin whiskey like a sailor man you
swallowed all the good days straight

Vegas, Philly or Oklahoma
Newfoundland or Italy
Everywhere you left a story and I will
tell about you and me

Heavy boots on golden sand shore
leopard patches on your skirt
the very first time I saw your face I knew
the badass time was on its way

The company was unexpected
for such a crown enwrapped your head
but I discovered later on that day how
easy you're in making friends

So we drank a beer
and then we did drink two
a shot of rum for the times now are mature
Don't be a pussy
Here's another round
Let's celebrate before
death will tear us down

Bonnie Blackwolf out of Nola
dude, you'd better watch this girl
for a gallon of your best red wine won't
feed at all her nasty paunch

Who's not impressed by your tattoos
has probably just lost his sight
because I laughed the ass out of me when I saw
the masterpiece on your haunch

Eating Pizza, Fucking Dudes
Tell me if you ever gotta a better plan
than holding my head strongly between your legs

I'll buy you a bottle
to warm all up, yes dude
you just gimme your last and loudest
Track Name: The Arts of Acting
I'm waiting
I'm feeling like you should
take another rest
"we're living all too fast" you say
but all you fear is to loose

life, and it's such a quest
can be overwhelming
so sit down and tell me
would you rather take it slow?

I'm sleeping
half the days I live
so the time has come for me
for waking up and see
how a waked life can be

I'm stealing
pieces of your soul
I'll just keep collecting
laughs and arts of acting
till I can patch 'em on the moon

And it's not wasted
life keep dragging on
if I'm choosing right or wrong
time will tell, I'm strong,
either ways I'll just try

I'm waiting
still I don't know what for
see the time keeps passing
while the life keeps messing
just a little bit more everyday

I waver
thoughts are freezing my moves
so I just keep herassing
flowers up to blossoming
forcing spring in my soul

And it's not wasted
life keep dragging on
if I'm choosing right or wrong
time will tell, I'm strong,
either ways I'll just try

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